Gospel According to Soul

You’ve heard the story of Jesus – it’s called the “Gospel.”  But you have never, ever heard the “Gospel” like this… told to the stirring sound of Soul music.   It’s called ‘soul’ music because the lyrics testify the echoes of the heart, and the rhythms are felt at the core of one’s very own soul.   Only one other sound can touch us deeper and move us more… that’s the Gospel.  You will be blown away as these two forces, Soul music and the Gospel, combine for a powerful evening of theatre, full of emotion and laughter, unforgettable music, and exhilarating dance.  Prepare to feel the rhythm of eternity in your soul!

We felt it all! I am not sure whether you call this an amateur production but if you do, you do yourself a dis-service. THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO SOUL is professional from beginning to end.
— - Vera P. Rhimes, Ph.D. Educational Leadership Administration and Supervision, Los Angeles, CA
Brilliant, captivating, entertaining, funny and inspirational are all words that I’ve used to describe THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO SOUL! Pastor Hunt is an absolute genius!!!! This must see/first class production is ready for Broadway!
— - Sherry Mackey Radio Personality / Morning Show Producer Hallelujah FM / iHeart Media (Memphis, TN; Birmingham, AL; Montgomery, AL; Jackson, MS)
THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO SOUL is a brilliant conception fusing together gospel and soul. The entire production is captivating! No down time in this spectacular production. THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO SOUL is ready for BROADWAY. A MUST see!
— - Tracy Bethea Program/Music Director, WHAL~95.7 Hallelujah FM On-Air Personality

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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO SOUL was one of the most electrifying and inspirational musicals I’ve seen in a long time. The span of soul music touched every generation and brought the gospel out in a three-dimensional experience that left me riveted. I cannot wait to see this Broadway-worthy musical again next year.
— - Dr. Stacy Spencer Senior Pastor, New Directions Christian Church Memphis, Tennessee
In a world that makes its best attempts to pigeonhole and stereotype the church as irrelevant, boring and “swag-less” enters the brilliance of Dwayne Hunt and THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO SOUL. With pinpoint theological accuracy, soaring dramatic and rhetorical artistry and an electrifying appreciation and articulation of the hope laced trials found at the intersection of the Biblical record, Soul Music and contemporary life, this play is a MUST SEE!
— - Rev. Dr. Eugene L. Gibson Senior Pastor, Olivet Fellowship Baptist Church Memphis, Tennessee