Jesus' Business Genius

One of the first encounters Jesus had with Peter was on a morning after Peter and his business partners had suffered an unsuccessful night of fishing.  These fishermen were cleaning the debris out of their nets, rather than selling fresh fish to all of the customers, who each morning turned the shore into a marketplace.

Jesus asked Peter if He could use his empty fishing boat as a platform from which to speak to the massive crowd that was clamoring to hear Him.  Since he had no fish to sell, Peter piloted the boat a little ways back from the shore, and he rather enjoyed listening to this revolutionary teacher.  When Jesus had finished ministering to the crowd, He turned His attention to Peter and instructed him to drop his nets again.  Now that was somewhat ridiculous, because while Jesus was a good teacher, he obviously didn’t know anything about fishing.  Peter was the professional fisherman.  Net fishing was done before the sun came up, as the sun’s heat would drive the fish deeper in the water and away from the reach of the nets.  In addition, there was this enormous crowd:  those who had come to listen to Jesus teach and those who had come to the fresh fish market.  They would see this professional engage in what could be interpreted as “fishing folly.”  That could ruin his professional reputation.

Reluctantly, Peter decided to just obey the teacher’s word and, to his amazement, he caught so many fish that his nets strained to breaking.

Peter’s simple compliance to spiritual guidance resulted in an incredible miracle in his business.  He had the greatest catch of fish in his career at the exact same time that the greatest number of potential customers was on his shore.  And all because he was obedient to the word from ‘the teacher,’ who he now realized has business savvy and marketing brilliance.

Jesus is concerned about your professional life and He wants you to experience success.  He has more than just a word about your spiritual wellbeing.  He has a strategic word for your professional life – and it could lead to your miracle.  So, take the time to listen.  You will find that what He calls you to is obedience to His success manual and the willingness to take a risk.  He’s not just a good teacher, He’s a business genius!

Consult Him and you’ll discover that Success is Spiritual!

Dwayne Hunt