You Will Be Challenged 3 - Daily Bible Reading Guide

There is a movement called “The Israel of God,” preaching a Black pride message, declaring that the Black man is not the descendant of Ham, but the rightful descendant of Shem, and the “true Israel.”  Do they have a true revelation? 


What do you believe?  Why do you believe it?  Let’s study the scriptures over this next week so that you can have some answers, because You Will Be Challenged!




The Scriptures teach that God chose Abraham and Israel, but that it was with a purpose.  What are three (3) reasons God chose them?


1.     Genesis 12:1-3


2.     Isaiah 42:6-7; 49:5-6 


3.     1 Kings 8:41-43


(If you have heard The Israel of God message, do they align themselves with God’s purpose for calling them?)


After being chosen, Israel turned from God.  What does the prophet declare about Israel and God’s relationship?


·       Jeremiah 3:1-10




Since we have seen that God chose Israel in the Old Covenant, what advantage does Israel have in the New Covenant?


·       Study Romans, chapter 3


Paul gives a revelation about the state of the Jew in this dispensation of Grace, and the benefit to the Gentile.  What is that revelation?


·       Study Romans, chapter 11


In this dispensation of Grace, what is the difference between Jew and Gentile?


·       Romans 10:10-13


·       Acts 15:8-9


·       Galatians 2:15-16


·       Galatians 3:26-29




Apostle Paul extends “Shalom” upon “The Israel of God” in Galatians 6:16 (read).


The book of Revelations speaks against those who claim to be Jews, but are not.  They are declared to be of what?


·       Revelations 2:8-10


·       Revelations 3:9-10


If there are those who lie about being a Jew, the seed of Abraham, how are we supposed to know who is a “true Jew”, the seed of Abraham?


·       Study John 8:31-47


·       Study Romans 2:28-29


·       Study Galatians 3:26-29


(Do not argue with a person about their declared ethnicity.  There is the ‘ethnic Jew’ and there is the ‘spiritual Jew’, or “seed of Abraham according to the promise”Gal 3:29




Read Deuteronomy 28


The “Israel of God” movement leans heavily on Deuteronomy chapter 28 to identify themselves according to the scriptures.  They declare that Deuteronomy 28:68 speaks of no one except the Black man being sold into slavery, and the middle passage across the Atlantic Ocean.  What is the one word in that verse that calls that interpretation into question?


(FYI, that prophecy was fulfilled in 70 AD when Titus Flavius Caesar lay siege to Jerusalem and transported 17,000 Jews in ships to the land of the Nile to be sold as slaves.)


“Israel of God” declares that the Black man is under the burden of the Deuteronomic curse, from Deuteronomy 28.  What revelation is needed to address that?


·       Galatians 3:13-14


WEDNESDAY Bonus Study Questions:

Who was Paul addressing in the book of Galatians and where were they located?

Who were the Galatians?

Dwayne Hunt