Master Teacher

Dwayne Hunt is the senior pastor of Abundant Grace Fellowship, an exciting and progressive church in Memphis, Tennessee.  He is highly regarded as a master teacher, a compelling speaker and a visionary leader who articulates unique strategic insight, often challenging the contemporary wisdom and methods that deal with how the church and community should act and react at critical stages.  He is also lauded for many "first" in the Mid-South religious community.

As the creator of The L'Edge(TM) (Leadership Edge) and The Church That Takes Your Breath Away(TM) conference and seminar, he challenges the church to relevance, creativity and excellence.

Dwayne Hunt is also recognized for his creativity, which extends from the pulpit to the arts.  He is the writer, director and producer of several musical productions:  Many Thousand Gone, The Soul and Song of the Negro Slave has been acclaimed for its ability to “awaken understanding [between the races] and broaden the minds of people.  His most celebrated production is the “smash-hit” Gospel According to Soul, which tells the story of Jesus using soul music of the 60s and 70s. 

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